Carrot River Elementary School
Mission Statement
Carrot River Elementary School
Mission Statement
Mission Statement

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THINK BIG- We can, We will 


To provide a safe and caring environment where we work together to be the best we can be. 


The effectiveness of our school is determined on the basis of the conduct, character, and achievement of our school community.  In an exemplary school, we demonstrate: 
... by being kind with the ability to understand and respond appropriately to the feelings of others 
... by treating others as we would like to be treated and having pride and confidence in oneself 
... by making positive choices and always trying our best at everything we do 
Safety knowing the difference between right and wrong to protect ourselves and others from getting hurt 

In order to advance our shared vision of an exemplary school, we will: 
...provide an inviting classroom environment for students.  An environment with clear expectations, consistent consequences, and specific, articulated, academic goals. 
... help all students achieve the intended outcomes of curriculum by addressing their individual needs and learning styles. 
... use methods of assessment that enable us to monitor the learning of individual students. 
... collaborate with others and our students so that we can achieve our collective goals more efficiently. 
... demonstrate our commitment to going on professional development and self-improvement as professionals. 
... promote a positive school environment by modeling the qualities and characteristics that we hope to instill in our students. 
... involve parents/guardians in the education of their children by keeping them informed of student progress and offering suggestions for assisting their children. 















1040 1st Street NE, Box 700, Carrot River, Saskatchewan S0E 0L0 | 1-306-768-2481 

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