Carrot River Elementary School
Code of Conduct
Carrot River Elementary School
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct

​1. Students may leave the school grounds during class time only when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please pick your child(ren) up at their classroom. 
2. Profane or indecent language and gestures are not permitted in the school or on the school grounds. 
3.  Caps are to be removed in the school.  Clothing with inappropriate, suggestive messages or that is too revealing is not to be worn to school. 
4. Students are allowed in the gymnasium only if a staff member is available to supervise them. 
5. Clean non-markable gym shoes and socks must be worn for all activities in the gym.  Outdoor shoes are to be removed at the entrance. 
6. Weather permitting, students are expected to be outdoors during recess breaks and during the noon recess.  Therefore, students are asked to come to school with suitable footwear, and to dress appropriately for the weather. 
7. Students are asked to remain in their own desk during the 16 minute lunch break.  Students misbehaving during this time will be removed from the classroom.  If inappropriate behavior persists, parents will be contacted. 
8.  Gum and sunflower seeds of any kind are not permitted at school. 
9.  Once again our school will be a NUT FREE ZONE.  Parents please screen your children’s lunches as we have students who do have severe nut allergies. 
10. Toys, sharp objects or any other weapons are not to be brought to school.    
11.  Students who ride their bicycles to school must use the South entrance when going to and from school, and park them in the designated bike racks.  Students must obey bike rules and should know and observe bike safety practices. Students must walk bikes on the sidewalks from Main Street to the bike racks and across Safety Patrol. 
12. Food and/or drinks are not allowed in the Library, Gym or Computer Room. 
13. Games that could cause damage to the school must be played a safe distance from the school. 
14.  Students must avoid dangerous activities in the school and on the playground.  
The following are considered unsafe activities: 
a)  fighting of any nature 
b)  throwing snowballs, stones, sticks or sand 
c)  climbing on anything but designated equipment 
d)  games or sports that involve rough play 
e)  running or playing with sharp objects 
15. Students are expected to arrive for classes on time and to attend regularly. 
16. No phone calls will be taken by teachers during class time.  Leave a message with the administrative assistant or phone at breaks to discuss matters with your child’s teacher. 
17. Parents of students who are absent from school are requested to inform the school with a note or telephone call prior to 9:00 a.m. that day. 
18.  Town students are encouraged to come to school no earlier than 8:40 a.m.   
19. Students are asked not to play on the east side of the school. 
20. Students are asked not to bring large amounts of money, valuable jewelry or expensive toys, games or technology to school. 
21. Students require their teacher's permission to use the telephone at school. 
22. There is an expectation that students complete all homework assignments. 
Do unto others as you would have done unto you.


1040 1st Street NE, Box 700, Carrot River, Saskatchewan S0E 0L0 | 1-306-768-2481 

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